Vackor was born on 4. October 2001. 2 months later he arrived to our home and since then our life has been changed once and for all ;o)

At first we had no serious plans with him, we "just" wanted him to be a playful, lovely, fluffy puppy who loves us and who let us to love him.

Then our silly little ball of fluff turned out to be a beautiful adult male. After much instigation from our friends, we finally decided to give him (and me as his handler LOL) a try in the show ring. How good we did it!
He is always on a roll in the show rings and has earned so much titles that we would never have dreamt before.

However, Vackor does not live the limited life of a showdog just for protecting his coat from damages. He is a pampered member of our family and he can come with us everywhere we go. Maybe this is why he has the most charming personality I have ever seen. He pokes his nose into everything and he is the success of every evenings.

Thanks to him for attaching us to the wonderful dogs called HAVANESE

Vackor's pedigree