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Beauty, temperament, intelligence, health and a lovely personality which no one can resist to...
In our eyes, Vackor is pretty close to the "perfect" Havanese.

We are not breeders but we would like to let him pass his quality to the forthcoming Havanese generations, so maybe one day one of his puppies can continue his success in the show rings - or "just" turn an other family's life as happy and joyous as Vackor turned ours.

Vackor is available at stud for approved bitches.
However, we want to make sure that none of his puppies will ever
be sold to dealers or pet shops so we make every effort to prevent it.

The pictures show puppies sired by Vackor from different litters. Enjoy!

Patella and heart checked clear.

Pablo and Vackor with Dudu, the dam of Bumbi and Pedro
Pablo and Vackor with Dudu
Vackor and Babuci
Vackor and Babuci